E4 - Maia Esteves & Navigating with Courage to Preserve Your Wellness

Season #1

Dear First Gens,

There are aspects of the journey, especially the pressure of succeeding and making those who sacrificed so much for us proud, that can trigger anxiety under normal circumstances. Imagine being the wife of a Nurse during the global pandemic, going through a pregnancy, becoming a first-time mom, and then going back to work (still in a pandemic) without childcare? Well, on this page of the diary, Maia Esteves, shares how she made some courageous moves to ensure her & her family's well-being.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month so we wanted to have this open, honest and vulnerable conversation about topics that we are still told to deal with privately. At DFGJ, we believe that in sharing them publicly, we uplift each other and we know Maia's story will encourage you along your journey!


Excited to share Maia's Journey with You, Anyelis & Sara


P.S. Lets continue to support our first-gen college students! America Needs You's mission is to empower the economic mobility of low-income, first generation college students. Learn more about becoming a Mentor Coach or attending their fun upcoming fundraisers.