E5: Shifting from Scarcity to Growth Mindset in Your Career

Season #2

Dear First Gens, Welcome to Season 2, where we talk about how first-gens experience scarcity mindset & imposter syndrome in different ways, and more importantly how shift to growth mindset and courageously navigate the journey!  In this episode, your hosts, Anyelis & Sara, share stories of how Scarcity Mindset has shown up for them in their career & finances. Anyelis shares how once she was able to work through her imposter syndrome and saw "proof" that she could make bold career moves, her corporate career growth fast-tracked & she earned the most money! Sara shares how scarcity mindset creeps in as she's navigating different career moves and how being aware of triggers, seeking support & aligning with mentors has helped her grow. This episode feels like a happy hour conversation with a good, good girlfriend; tune in with your cafecito or cocktail!  Encouraging You to Do It Scared, Anyelis & Sara