E6: How to Fearlessly Live & Build a Future On Your Own Terms

Season #2

Dear First-Gens, You are in for a fabulous treat with this conversation about intersectional identities with Eduardo Placer, the Story Doula who empowers women to share their stories & amplify their voice with authentic power! Eduardo isn't just a public speaking coach and founder of Fearless Communicators, he's an incredible story teller! Listen in how his imposter syndrome is tied to him being a gay man in a homophobic world, how his family & community privilege give him confidence, and how to do the work to break generational traumas grounded in survival mode. Eduardo eloquently shares that there's no room in scarcity, provide some great tips on how to ground into our bodies as a tool to powerfully shift away from that sense of lack toward fearing less, and how pride is the antidote & act of rebellion. Proudly & Fearlessly Yours, Anyelis, Sara & Eduardo