E8: Opera Singer's POV - The Power of Persevering

Season #2

Dear First-Gens, When you come from a marginalized community, you don't realize that many of the challenges we face as first-gens come from the lack of resources, access & opportunity.  Charles Williamson, a classically trained Opera singer who has performed in Grammy Award winning shows like the MET's Porgy & Bess, shares how his rise to this point of his success feels almost like a miracle given his humble upbringing.  Because he grew up in the projects of Passaic, NJ where his childhood musical training came from church and the music program at public school, Charles often felt like an imposter when he was pursuing his undergrad then masters in music.  Eventually he realized that the things he didn't know where due to not having had that education & training earlier on in life. Nonetheless, he persevered!  This is the longest episode so far because our conversation with Charles was too juicy to end! Tune in & listen through until the end to feel inspired & motivated to value your feelings, trust your intuition and pursue your dreams! Applauding Your Dreams, Anyelis, Sara & Charles