E9 - The Rollercoaster of Our Entrepreneurship Journeys

Season #3

Dear First Gens,

Welcome to Season 3 of the Diary of the First Gen Journey! We decided to make this season a little more interesting by speaking with 2 guests at a time AND focusing on first-gen entrepreneurs!

In this first episode, Anyelis & Sara share their respective journeys & how they've intertwined. Anyelis, talks about how her mom's entrepreneurial journey made her consciously pursue a more "safe & secure" path which led to college, grad school & decade in Corporate HR.  Surprisingly, she never thought she'd pursue entrepreneurship full-time and vulnerably shares how the Covid-19 Pandemic changes so much of her perspective.  Sara, who similarly pursued degrees & licensure to become a Social Worker, shares a heartwarming story about how she attended a webinar led by Anyelis that inspired her to explore entrepreneurship.  That exploration led to the birth of this podcast when Sara approached Anyelis about the idea which naturally aligned. Tune in to hear about how we navigate the rollercoaster of building businesses as first-gens!

Anyelis is the Founder of Propel On Purpose Coaching which provides workshops, keynote remarks, group & 1:1 Coaching that empowers first-gen students and professionals to grow in their career.

Sara is the Founder of the First Gen Madrina which provides mental health coaching for first-gen students.

Excited for You to Tune Into Season 3,

Anyelis & Sara