E10 - From Hustle & Grind to an Award-Winning Photography Business

Season #3

Dear First Gens,

You see the 10K+ Instagram account, filled with beautiful, award-winning photography and think - wow this a successful business! And then you see their personal accounts filled with heart-warming family moments (parents of 3 including twin girls!) & breathtaking travel landscapes and think - they are living the dream! Well, Richard & Andrea are definitely a power couple who have designed their dream life AND the journey to get there is just how you may imagine it - full of hard work, dedication, sacrifices & a life changing finance book on their honeymoon!  Richard, born in the US to Cuban immigrant parents who were entrepreneurs, was the first to earn a bachelor's degree and work a corporate profession which he left to pursue a photography business.  Andrea, migrated from Argentina in her teen years, having to work extra hard to learn English & finish school, pursue her passion for make up.  The way they've supported each other's businesses throughout the journey will leave you feeling extra mush & motivated.

Check out Richard & Andrea's multiple businesses & their travel adventures:

RichardBFlores Photography

MrsAndreaFlores Make Up Artist


With Love,

Anyelis & Sara