E11 - Solving the Curvy, Under 5'3 Petite Jean Problem & Much More

Season #3

Dear First Gens, 

If you've ever wondered how people work full-time jobs AND manage businesses & projects, you'll want to tune into this episode with Choua & Dana, two of the three co-founders of CaliNDana!  Choua & Dana are first-gen, Asian women from Michigan, who followed the corporate career path which led them to the Big Apple and eventually down the path of pursuing entrepreneurship.  Their journey started with solving a problem - cute & comfy jeans for curvy, petite women under 5'3! In the process of building a brand, they have figured out how to develop products that are environmentally sustainable, empower other AAPI creatives to grow through ACE pop-up events, and help women in shelters. Their personal & business journeys are simply inspiring!

Choua has an MBA and has had a wonderful corporate career - from food service operations to marketing in CPG, for big brands!  So many of her experiences and skills transfer to her role at CaliNDana.

Dana is a designer with extensive experiences at major brands; all CaliNDana products are designed by her!

Check out their amazing products: CaliNDana Website & Instagram

Support Creatives & Entrepreneurs like Choua & Dana at the next ACE POP UP.

Cheering You On,

Anyelis & Sara