E12 - Partnership & Doing the Inner Work that Manifests Pronoia

Season #3

Dear First Gens,

In this final episode of Season 3, Sara interviews her co-host Anyelis & her life partner, Jose! This episode is full of wisdom, vulnerability & banter from two immigrant kids, products of single mothers &  the Hudson County, NJ community.  Throughout 25yrs, Anyelis & Jose have been classmates, friends, romantic partners & divine mirrors who have been an integral part of each other's entrepreneurial journey.  They openly share how doing inner work has helped them grow individually, get closer together as a couple & manifest pronoia! And in the process, Sara receives extra motivation from friends who've supported her entrepreneur journey. Listen to the very end for a fun moment! :) 

Jose Espinoza is the Chief Patient Advocate at BookedMD, a patient advocacy platform for the underserved & under represented AND Founder of Move the Needle, a business incubator that brings together artists, creatives, entrepreneurs & investors through engaging activations.

Embracing the Unknown With You,

Anyelis & Sara