E17 - Juliana's Many Firsts - Bachelor's, Master's, Licensed Therapists & More

Season #4

Dear First Gens,

All season we've talked to current college students about their experience and in this final episode of the season, we bring you Juliana, who graduated this year with her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling! Julian openly shares a journey that not many speak about which is the first gen graduate school journey and shares the jarring difference from undergrad, what no one told her to prepare for and the sacrifices made along the way.  Juliana, an immigrant from Colombia, also talks about how she's navigating choosing a career (mental health therapist) that her family doesn't understand and encourages us to set a critical tool; tune in to learn from this incredible first gen grad who is making a tremendous impact in our communities.

Cheering on All First Gen Students & Grads,

Anyelis & Sara