E18 - Anyelis Shares from the 2022 Scars - How She Rose from the Low Lows & Many Transitions

Season #5

Dear First Gens, Welcome to Season 5! In the spirit of vulnerability and sharing from a place of healing, this season we're bringing you reflections of a point in time. Think of it as opening up a diary to a previous entry and you get to share the wisdom that came from that experience.

In this episode, co-host Anyelis shares how 2022 started off as a really hard year for her, dealt with three very life altering transitions at once, feeling like her world had fallen apart.  She vulnerable shares that she felt depressed, angry & betrayed, AND grateful that she had the tools to work through this low point (thank you therapy & shadow coaching).

A year later, Anyelis is happy to have risen from those deep lows. "Sometimes when things fall apart, they're actually falling together."

Cheering You On the Journey,

Anyelis & Sara