E22 - From Not Considering College to PhD, Nicole Shares Her Journey to Feeling "Real and Worthy"

Season #5

Dear First Gens,

If you've ever experienced "Imposter Syndrome" you DO NOT want to miss this episode! Dr. Nicole Pulliam offers a mind blowing reframe that will change how you experience that feeling of "not enough" based on extensive research that she's done AND her own experiences being the first in her family to earn a bachelor's, master's, phD as well as one of few professors of color.  Dr. Pulliam admits that "Imposter Syndrome kept me small" and shares her journey to reclaiming her power and that feeling of being "REAL and WORTHY." Tune in for her inspiring story and learn about the business she's launching to empower women of color in leadership roles.

Cheering You On,

Anyelis & Sara